Information Technology

The Information Technology Division encompasses areas of administrative computing, systems, distributed technical services, and infrastructure.

By providing innovative technology and associated services to make students’ dreams a reality, Information Technology Division has a direct impact on the overall mission of the College which is to provide the citizens of Hidalgo and Starr counties with the very best in educational opportunities.

Our Vision

The Information Technology Department’s operations are directly influenced by the vision the department has set forth as guiding principles. We believe that our vision enables our department to continuously strive and achieve extraordinary results, as well as, provide the foundation to be the premiere technical department in the region. The following is our vision and guiding principles:

  • Our Commitment is to Our Students
  • Our Focus is Consistent Customer Service
  • Our Strength is Innovation, Talent, and Dedication
  • Our Success Lies in our Unity and Singular Vision


The initiatives represented below represent the direction that the Information Technology Department is consistently emphasizing in order to strategically align efforts to support the college’s mission. We believe that by aligning our efforts to the institutional goals and objectives, we provide support for the tangible success that the institution has and will continue to experience.

Student Self Service


The services we provide directly to students are the most important. This initiative provides access to key services for students. We continuously strive to provide the most comprehensive self-service solutions for students by offering registration, admissions, financial aide processing, and payment services.


  • Integrate all student service systems with the student self-service applications to provide the best services possible at any time with emphasis placed on the student shaping their own educational experience.
  • Integrate one username and password for each student to access systems such as webct, library, email, and admissions in order to exhibit to the student and the entire community that we deliver a complete and coordinated educational experience.

Culture of Evidence

The growth the college has, and will continue, to experience places emphasize of working smarter instead of harder. Instead of working inefficiently or trying to reinvent processes, STC is utilizing industry best practices to provide roadmaps that aide STC leadership in making critical business decisions. In addition, in order to continuously strive for excellence, STC employs key information technology performance indicators to measure progress to create effective strategies in order to best serve the interests of the students and surrounding community.


Enhance operational standards and key performance indicators in order to promote the effective and efficient use of information technology resources and focus on the strategies that have the biggest impact on the institution.

Infrastructure – Network /Systems/Telecommunications


The success of any organization relies heavily on the backbone formed by the communications network. Today voice, data and video are transmitted across the same network. The functionality, redundancy and stability of the network infrastructure is a key factor of the successful transmission of vital information, as well as, the continued success of the institution.


To provide a stable, secure, and leading edge network infrastructure capable of providing the latest information services to address the current and future needs of the instructional environment and the vital support services of the college district.

Integrated Administrative Computing System

In May 2004, the college selected Sungard SCT [] of Malvern, Pennsylvania as the college’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor to replace our administrative systems. In the next two years, Sungard SCT’s Banner solution will focus on replacing the core administrative systems, which include Finance, Student/Faculty, Human Resources, and Payroll.
This initiative gives the college a unique opportunity to examine current practices in many administrative areas, effect real change in the underlying technology, and to improve the business processes to better serve all stakeholders.


  • Improve access/visibility to data for Students, Faculty, and Staff
    • Implement a convenient, intuitive, web-based solution for student and faculty self-service.
    • Provide timely and accurate information for management decisions
    • Provide flexible, ad-hoc reporting capabilities for clients
    • Provide a one-stop shop to deliver information from administrative systems to the desktop, via a portal for further analysis using PC software
  • Streamline and automate the college’s business processes
    • Improve responsiveness to student needs by streamlining business processes that divert time and energy away from personal services
    • Enhance our ability to retain students and mine the appropriate student data.
    • Eliminate duplicate data entry and redundant input steps; standardize all aspects of data entry and codes
  • Increase integration between systems
    • Reduce redundancy of data
    • Provide more timely and accurate interfaces between systems