FAQ – Office 365

Why did STC decide to move to Office 365

Office365 provides STC employees with many great new features for email and collaboration including anytime, anywhere email access.

Where will my email and documents be stored once I am using Office 365?

Your email and documents will be securely stored on Microsoft’s “cloud” servers. These servers are guaranteed to be housed in the United States.

What is the size of my mailbox in Office 365?

The current size of your mail storage is limited to 1 GB. Office 365 offers you 50GB of storage space.

What is going to happen with STC’s email services?

All STC student, faculty and staff’s mailboxes will be in the “cloud” servers of Microsoft Office 365

How do I re-configure mail clients?

  • If you open email through the Outlook email client, the application on your office computer or device that enables you to manage your email, your account will automatically re-configure.
  • If you currently receive STC email on your mobile device, the device may need to be reconfigured but in most cases it will automatically reconfigure.